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How to Order

One of the features that sets Hoffman Photography ahead of other sports photographers is that we try to photograph EVERY KID on EVERY picture day.  This means that even if you didn’t order on Picture Day, we took a photo of your athlete and are happy to take orders after picture day and get them into production for you.

Online Ordering

No order form to keep track of! We now have an opt-in text program. Each photo event has a unique code that you text to the number 90738. You will receive an immediate text back that says that you are subscribed to that event and another text with a link when photos from that event are posted online. Just because you have access to the code does NOT mean photos are posted yet. You will receive another text with a link when photos from that event are posted online. This could be 2-3 weeks after your event. Click the link to view and purchase photos. If you’d like to order photos on a computer instead of your phone, go to and enter your code there.

You can find your child through FaceFind, in which you take a photo of your child and the program uses facial recognition software to find the photos that were taken of your child. From there, you can add different poses and packages to your cart. Online orders will be mailed directly to your home.

Note: “BA” items cannot be ordered online at this time. You must call the studio at 517-393-1058 to order these custom designed items.

We are so excited to offer a new online ordering platform! This ordering system features additional item options, new background choices and various poses, all available online only! Select your poses, backgrounds, and packages, then have it all shipped right to your home!

If you have any questions about how to order online, please give us a call at 517-393-1058.”